A number of weeks in the past, I used to be at dwelling alone when the doorbell rang. I answered the door to search out representatives from an area Woman Scout troop doing what they achieve this nicely; promoting Woman Scout cookies.

The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage was not dwelling so hazard was not lurking behind the lounge curtains. When Woman Scouts come promoting cookies, I’m cookie dough of their fund-raising arms.

“Howdy, mister,” they chimed, “We’re promoting cookies to boost cash for… ” I instantly interrupted and exclaimed, “Sure, sure, I will take all you have got!”

When the fervour of the second handed, I didn’t want a fortune cookie to know I used to be going to be in massive bother with the spouse, one robust cookie. Catching me with my hand within the cookie jar is severe enterprise along with her.

In any case, 27 containers of Woman Scout cookie pies are fairly tough to hide, not to mention clarify. I used to be about to toss my cookies when an thought introduced itself. What I wanted was a great surefire excuse.

Excuses, that are a lifestyle for many individuals, have been round so long as mankind. In actual fact, it was the primary man, Adam, who invented the pass-the-buck phenomenon for the good thing about all those that would observe him.

It occurred within the Backyard of Eden, in case you keep in mind your Bible tales, simply after Eve encountered the serpent, engaging her to eat of the forbidden fruit. Eve instantly baked an apple pie a la mode for Adam.

When God confronted Adam with the scenario, Adam instantly stated, “The lady whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.” This, then, was the start of excuse-making to get out of a tough scenario.

Though a person might have invented excuse-making, it took a girl to develop it into an artwork type. Males, you see, are too literal and unsophisticated to develop a collection of believable excuses.

For instance, a person will say, “Bob, my spouse will not let me go fishing with you subsequent Sunday,” and it stops there. Nothing must be added, Bob is aware of precisely what the rating is. In any case, he has been there together with his personal spouse.

Girls really feel compelled to introduce the component of emotion into each scenario. Why is it that ladies are extra gifted than males in the case of making plausible excuses? I definitely do not know the reply, and that is the one excuse I can consider in the intervening time.

Getting again to these Woman Scout cookies, I knew I wanted to provide you with some excuse or higher but, a number of excuses to elucidate why I purchased 27 containers of cookies after I’m not presupposed to eat cookies.

As a result of I am only a man, the one excuse I might provide you with was “the Satan made me do it.”

Sadly, my spouse didn’t settle for that excuse and I instantly knew I used to be in bother. Exasperated, my spouse determined to assist me provide you with an inventory of viable excuses to make use of the following time Woman Scouts with cookies knock on the parsonage door.

Causes I am unable to purchase cookies:

* My mom made me eat cookies after I was younger.

* I solely eat cookies at Christmas and Easter.

* I do not imagine in consuming packaged cookies.

* I am glad with watching folks on TV eat cookies.

* I am too busy to eat cookies. Attempt one other time.

* I haven’t got any good clothes to put on whereas consuming cookies.

* I am too previous and cookies actually are for the younger.

* I do not imagine cookies actually exist.

* I do not eat cookies. I favor donuts.

* I am afraid the roof will fall in if I eat cookies.

* My spouse and I can’t agree on which cookie we like.

To place it mildly, I used to be impressed with the rising listing of excuses my spouse was in a position to provide you with in such a brief interval. It confirmed she had practiced this artwork type for a few years. I by no means might have provide you with such an inventory by myself.

As I studied my new listing, I used to be sure I might face any Woman Scout sooner or later. My spouse doesn’t share my confidence and now not permits me to reply the door when the Woman Scouts are on the prowl. She is anxious any preconceived excuse would shortly dissolve on the first sight of these cookies.

What’s an excuse? An excuse is a lie at each ends, held collectively by the glue of comfort.

For some folks, a foul excuse is healthier than no excuse in any respect. These folks spend their complete lives justifying every little thing they do or do not do.

After this expertise, I started to grasp all the justifications folks have given me over time for not attending church. At any time when I approached the topic, they appeared prepared with some excuse and normally backed by loads of others if wanted.

I now see they spent high quality time devising these excuses that, to their considering, obtained them off the hook.


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